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Painting of Sadness!

Painting of Sadness!

translated by Alzahra’a A. Razzaq Mohammed is a seven years old orphaned boy, whose father was killed in front of him. Our team “Iraqbuilders” visited his family to share lunch with them last week.. We tried to add a kind of entertainment and happiness to them, Mohammed and his brothers, So we played games and chatted with them..At the end of the day Mohammed surprised us by his painting..Here we were speechless to this view..since no word can express this painting and the sadness inside of it..

Start your day with a handout!

Start your day with a handout! Now,it’s very easy to get your donation box of Al ta’awon charity organization. To have your own box ,just visit Al ta’awon charity organization main office in Baghdad, Etefia, in front of Buratha mosque from 08:00 AM until 03:00 PM except friday. With a beautiful look,you may put this box at your home or work in order to start your morning with a handout.

Iraq Builders Team’s 2nd anniversary

By Om Ala’ and Dr. Zaid Khoursheed, Translated by Leen Alqudsi The first five volunteers in 2013, who founded the team, have become 240 volunteers in 2015 and celebrating together the 2nd anniversary of the team, proud of all their achievements through two years hoping and looking for providing more, helping and supporting more. The ceremony included a presentation for the team’s activities and achievements and their vision and goals for the future. Some of the volunteers talked about their own volunteering experience with Iraq Builders Team. At the end of the ceremony, all the supporting, donors, benefactors, and the […]

Auntie! Is this what they call it ‘Zawraa’?!”

translated by : mohamed yaqubi Auntie! Is this what they call it ‘Zawraa’?!” Hasouni chose to express his indescribable happiness with the above statement! The IB young volunteers arranged for a fun and recreational trip for the little orphaned children catered by the IB, to Iraq’s largest amusement park, located in Southwestern Baghdad. Those children live with their families in a shocking a striking poverty on the ghettos and illegal residential complexes bordering the Greater Baghdad Metropolitan Area. Those kids never came to the city and enjoyed the recreational facilities existing in it–such as zoos, amusement parks, national parks, malls, […]

Once again, the IB Team saves another desperate human life!

translated by:mehmed yaqubi Once again, the IB Team saves another desperate human life! Sadia Lafta, a mother of 4 minor orphans with no male caretaker present in the family, who live with her family in the Rashad District, a town on the outskirts of Eastern Baghdad -30 km [18 miles]-. Sadia suffers from a severe glaucoma in her both eyes, and ophthalmologists told her that she is in imminent danger of losing her sight if a surgery is not to be performed. The IB Team raised IQD 600,000 [$500] to assist her in performing that pressing eye surgery.

new round of urgent aids to the displaced families from Mosul

Altaawin charitable association and its voluntary team( Iraq Builders) continue their campaigns to help and support the displaced families from many regions of Iraq , who found shelters in Baghdad and other cities. Last week we distributed aids like blankets, electric heaters, and some children needs to displaced people from Musel who sheltered in Al-Nahrawan /Old bridge of Diala Iraq Builders team is to help and support translated by : alzahraa a Razzaq

celebrating army day! our team visiting wounded solders & donating blood

The Iraqi builders team gathered its volunteers and set of to Al-Kadhmia teaching hospital. The team were greeted by the President of the hospital Dr Nawras Abd alRazaq Abd alShahid and he expressed his love for the team and for our voluntary charity work at the beautiful day of 6th of january 2015, Iraqi’s Army Day, the birthday of Iraq’s proud shield. After that the team went to the blood bank to donate for their brothers in the army, and soon after the donation the team visited the Iraqi army wounded men in the hospital and they congratulated and thanked […]

The brave female soldier the martyr Kumait Al- Asadi

by :zaid hani khorsheed translated by : hassanain mohammed The brave soldier the martyr Kumait Al- Asadi, the expert in Dismantling Explosives, she had processed tens of bombs and she dedicated her life in serving the country. Today Kumait Al- Asadi is a martyr as she got cancer disease because of the long exposure to chemical substances found in bombs. Kumait is a mother of a 12 years old girl, Ritaj that lives with her grandmother (Kumait’s Mother), Kumait’s husband is dead. Today IRAQ Builders visited them and we saw the miserable situation that the girl and her grandmother suffer […]

Muslims Stand With Charlie Hebdo

by : Asif Arif Asif Arif is a lawyer in Paris and director of the website Cultures & Beliefs. He is the author of the book “L’Ahmadiyya: un Islam interdit.” The massacre of 12 people (figures not final) in cold blood this morning around 11:00 a.m. is an unparalleled horror. It goes without saying that even before the appreciation related to their profession, they were, above all else, human beings. In this way, no one has the right to life or death over them. But their profession cannot be taken away, these individuals were journalists, symbols of freedom of the […]

trying to push the injustice and poverty away

the supporter of an orphan will be in Jannah with me like these (The prophet Mohammed PBUH raised his forefinger and middle finger for illustration), from this Hadith, the youth rushed to hold the concerns of Iraq as they are trying to push the injustice and poverty away from a family that lost it’s provider and the only source of income the Father that has been struggling against the life for earning the rightful income, but death didn’t give him a chance. four orphaned children with a widowed mother living under a worn out roof. Allah bless you guys, and […]

Starting off the new year Iraqi Builders style.

Starting off the new year Iraqi Builders style By gods’ grace the team set off on 1/1/2015 on an exceptional mission to build the house of the respectful Abu Hussein located in the outskirts of Baghdad. With your help we will bring them happiness and hope. The children happiness after their dream came true were indescribable. Om Hussein said” god bless you and your families, my children can finally sleep safely. translated by : mustafa sabah

Donating your dear memories for charity !!

by: Mena Abdulrazaq During my visit to one of the shopping malls in the Saidia area i walked in to one of the old and well known stores and i noticed a number of accessories and specially the ones made of pearls because it’s usually what attracts me, And i also noticed its good quality, so i asked the respectful store owner about their price and i found out that it was relatively cheap considering its quality and price in the market ,which i know because of my passion for pearls therefore i can recognise the good quality and the […]

symposium at Mansour University College

On Sunday 28-12-2014, the team IRAQ Builders visited Mansour University College and held a symposium about the team activities. We would like to sincerely thank the Dean of Mansour University College Dr. abd Alrasool Abd Jassim and the Dean assistant Dr. abd Alsattar for their warm welcoming to us and to our ideas. May Allah help us keep on serving the ‪#‎Orphans‬&Poor. ‪#‎IRAQ_Builders‬ Help&Support translated by: Hassanain Mohammed

charity market at the Al-Sayd Social Club

On Friday, December 26th of 2014, The IRAQ Builders opened its charity market at the Al-Sayd Social Club among the club’s annual carnival. The IB’s handmade art-craft such feminine accessories, candles, glass antique products, among other items. All these sales will be going directly to fund the IB’s philanthropic projects. Each and every child gets fed, housed, and clothed due to your efforts; and that will not be taking place without your immense and generous support! translated by : mehmed yaqubi

Christmas Spirits

Those who scrupulously scrutinize the life and teachings of the Christ, will observe that he is the ultimate manifestation and text-book definition of love, mercy, compassion, altruism, and sacrifice for others. Those successive gestures of care, acts of tenderness, and touches of hope that volunteers around the globe share are, inarguably, the most evident testimony to the goodness the human spirit is capable to possess! It is mentioned in on of the traditions that God once said: “Among all things I have created, nothing encompasses My Love like the human heart!” Hence, it is not shockingly surprising to see individuals […]