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Third Charity Market At Alwiyah Club

Third Charity Market At Alwiyah Club

The team IRAQ Builders is holding the third charity market on the land of Alwiyah Club – Alshamsiya Hall. The income of the market will be dedicated to fund our charitable campaigns that support Orphans, Poor people, IDPs and other activities. The invitation will be to the members of Alwiyah Club and their guests. Date: 23 Dec. to 1 Jan. Time: from 10 am to 10 pm. Daily The team will show the hand made products like women’s accessories, candles, decorated glassware, painting etc. When you buy a product, you are really participating in helping an orphaned child and a […]

Weekly Tour in Al-mutanabi Street

Yesterday, IRAQ Builders the team that belongs to Al-Ta’awn Charity Society visited Al-Mutanabi St. and met the pioneers there. The team members talked about the initiatives and campaigns of IRAQ Builders and collected donations to support the orphans and poor people. It is our honor to provide help and support to Orphans, Poor and IDPs. translated by : hassanain Mohammed

New Mission in Samawah 350k south of Baghdad !

With god’s blessings the Simawa’s branch of Iraqi builders team will set off to make the dream of the homeless Om Nazim and her children come true after her husband left her and her children. Tomorrow the team will start building a home that will keep her dignity and her children’s in the area of Alsalama located in the province of Al-Simawa. Help us finish building the house of Om Nazim.

The University of Baghdad held a special event for the Iraq Builders

Altaawn Charity Society and its partner Iraq Builders give their appreciation and gratitude to the board members of the University of Baghdad for the welcoming invitation and occasion. The University of Baghdad held a special event for the Iraq Builders and acknowledging all of its efforts, dedications, and accomplishment. We would like the brothers and sisters who joined the gathering. We are pleased to welcome new volunteers to the organization who will put their effort, time, and dedication to the mission of Iraq Builders. There was an open discussion where everyone exchanged ideas and opinions to further help develop and […]

our Orphans Teaching Campaign –second season

Greeting to you everybody, To all brothers and sisters who would like to volunteer for our Orphans Teaching Campaign –second season. Our team IRAQ Builders invite you to visit its headquarters (Al-Ta’awn Charity Society), which is located in Baghdad, Al-Otayfiya, in front of Masjid Buratha. At 12:00 pm on the next Sunday 6/12/2014, we will hold a meeting to prepare the needed requirements related to this campaign. Let us work together to insure their learning and future. ‪#‎We_Should_Get_10_Campaign‬ For teaching Orphaned children. With knowledge and work We build our homeland IRAQ translated by : Hassanain Mohammed ‪

A Huge Achievement and Recognition for Iraq Builders

By: Soura Al-Zubaidi The Other Hundred is a photo-book project that features 100 photos and stories of people across 91 countries. The project is dedicated to the untold stories of the lives of people who deserve recognition from the world. The Other Hundred strives to both inform and drive the thoughts of the readers. There is the misconception that being rich and famous is the only way to succeed, live a meaningful life, and be recognized by everyone. The Other Hundred’s goal is to bring light on the unspoken majority of the world whose story is incredible and heartfelt. The […]

IRAQ Builders had one day charity market at University of Baghdad

IRAQ Builders’ first charity market on the land of the University of Baghdad. The day was full of many activities that identified the team’s campaigns in helping the orphans and poor and the campaigns of helping the displaced families. We thank the presidency of the University of Baghdad and the general secretariat of the Central Library for offering us this great chance to meet the students and identify the team’s vision to them and talking about the charitable voluntary work. We Were There translated by : Hassanain Mohammed

Building Mission no. 66 : ACCOMPLISHED

Another success for the Iraqi Builder’s Humanitarian Team! The Humanitarian Team completed the construction of a new house and a strong roof of a family’s house. Um Haneen lives with her ill husband and her young children. Unfortunately, the family have been forced to live in a house with poor foundation and a broken roof. The team remodeled the house providing the family with a stronger built foundation and rood. We are celebrating and full of joy. The family can take shelter from the harsh winter and the heat of the summer in a stronger and newer version of their […]

IRAQ Builders visited Al-Mutanabi St

Al-Ta’awn charity society’s team IRAQ Builders visited Al-Mutanabi St. and started out an awareness campaign about the team’s vision. The volunteers introduced the team, its campaigns and activities to the people and collected donations in order to help the orphans, poor and IDPs. Orphans and Poor are our responsibility and we should provide them the help & support. ‪#‎IRAQ_Builders‬ translated by : Hassanain Mohammed

IRAQ BUILDERS visited Abu- Garib area, to meet the IDPs from Al-Falloja.

Campaigns of Al-Ta’awn charity society with it’s team IRAQ Builders continue offering aids to IDPs. Yesterday, the team visited Abu- Garib area, Al-Shohada district to meet the IDPs from Amriya Al-Falloja. By the grace of Allah with the donations of charitable donors, we provide the families with 92 mattresses, 55 blankets, 25 heaters and hand sanitizers. In the next few days, we will provide them with the food assistance they need. We will reach the farthest place to help Iraqi families. For Orphans & Poor Help & Support ‪#‎IRAQ_Builders‬ translated by : Hassanain Mohammed

Visiting the christian families displaced from Mosul!

The humanitarian team Iraqi builders set out yesterday to visit the christian families displaced from the province of Mosul and other surrounding areas. Currently living in Baghdad and other areas of Iraq. (80 families, consisting of more than 350 members). Once we heard their distress call we began our mission to help them and to organise the school located in Baghdad in which they lived in. Their living conditions were rough , the weather was cold , there was no food , no drinking water , and there was no place to sleep in!! They were living in pain and […]

IRAQ Builders continue offering aids to families with orphans.

Campaigns of Al-Ta’awn charity society with it’s team IRAQ Builders continue offering aids to families of orphans. Within the school bag campaign, 34-orphaned children in Al-Samawa province got the clothes, shoes and stationary needed for the school. . With science and work We build our homeland Iraq. translated by : Hassanain Mohammed

Serving The Displaced people is an Honor for us

after collecting clothes from Different Places in Baghdad “IRAQ Builders Team” started washing, sort and packing of these the clothes in order to be delivered to displaced people from War zones affected by ISIS to keep them warm during cold rainy iraqi winter rain and cold. translated by : zaid abbass

Free Education Tools to Orphan Kids

The Taawn charity society and their volunteered team: Iraq Builders continues their campaigns to distribute copybooks and stationary to the orphans and the poor at the Kafel district schools located at the outskirts of Najaf. The students happiness when we arrived was indescribable. The distribution included 260 orphan and poor within the school. We wish all the best for our Iraqi students. Iraq Builders Najaf #IraqBuilders

Urgent Aids to Displaced Christian Families from Mosul

The humanitarian team Iraq Builders set out yesterday to help our displaced brothers and sisters and to provide assistance in kind ,to provide sanitary, electrical devices, and drinking water. And to work on providing medication through the medical division. Thanks to god and to the donations of the kind hearted we were able to distribute 100 blanket, food items that included 5 sacks of flour, 4 sacks of rice, and one sack of sugar. We also distributed baby clothes. -While you’re enjoying the warmth of your bed You’re beautiful house And your loved ones, don’t forget…. Our people living in […]