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A Day Which Cannot Be Forgotten


A day which cannot be forgotten, in the IRAQ Builders Team, have a vision of integrating Iraqi orphans into the daily’s normal social-life activities, without any kind of alienation. Our mission is to lift the stigma that the orphans feel through tailored programs. The programs aim to support the orphans, on both personal and social-integration levels. The objectives are split between: building and sustaining the framework for such programs and working on the targeted orphans’ level. On the team-building level the activities have the following objectives: creating and reinforcing inter-relationships between existing team members and the new volunteers and enriching the novices with the experience and wisdom of the more experienced members of the team.


The epitome of our work is directed towards helping and assisting the orphans in gaining the necessary normal-life-experiences and helping them in their integration efforts with the bigger society. This is done, with an eye on the children’s disposition and integration within the society, via supervised activities, through which all the team members interact positively with the children; carrying out the supervision of the physical exercises; developing the children’s talents; and enhancing their mental powers.


An exemplary achievement of our work is memorable excursion that we organised for the orphans, to go to the Al-Zawraa Park. One could see the faces of these orphans have changed from being dismal and gloomy to that of being bright, happy, joyful and hopeful ones.


This trip, an exemplary example of our work, starts with a physical exercise. Members of the team and groups of orphans participate together, in some sort of a competition-based physical exercise. After a short-break, food is served, which is followed by a longer spell of rest. The orphans are encouraged to indulge in helping the team members in the food preparation. Then, a tour of the zoo is conducted, immediately followed by a visit to the fun-fair grounds. The penultimate phase of the trip is group activities, in which the children are encouraged to participate in mental, artistic and other suitable forms of non-physical competitive exercises, where the children, or their corresponding groups, compete with each other. The final phase of the trip is dedicated to handing out prizes. The purpose of this was to be an incentive for the kids to have a competitive spirit, and to excel in their daily life.


Each member of the team has some role and/or responsibility. They work in unison, for the benefit of the whole program.

However, there are masses of orphans who are not fortunate enough to have such an opportunity to be part of our program. On the other hand, there are people resourceful and who might have something to offer, which might be beneficial to our work. This could be in the form of finance, talents, and/or abilities. We are confident that these people are missing the heart-warming feeling, the feeling-good factor that our volunteers are experiencing. It is a wonderful feeling, for they feel that they are offering something good to humanity, to these orphaned and poor children. There is still time, for people to join in. Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute something, no matter how small you might think it is. It really was wonderful to feel the positive changes in these children’s lives. Our program made a difference. Reciprocally, we felt good that we have achieved part of our mission, though more still remains to be done. We, now, are using the internet’s social media means to publicize our work and achievements, as well as being a lively mean for all participants to join in.


By sunset, the Al-Zawraa’s trip made us eager and hopeful for the next day’s sunrise because this day will not be forgotten.

IRAQ Builders

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