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A Huge Achievement and Recognition for Iraq Builders

By: Soura Al-Zubaidi

The Other Hundred is a photo-book project that features 100 photos and stories of people across 91 countries. The project is dedicated to the untold stories of the lives of people who deserve recognition from the world. The Other Hundred strives to both inform and drive the thoughts of the readers. There is the misconception that being rich and famous is the only way to succeed, live a meaningful life, and be recognized by everyone. The Other Hundred’s goal is to bring light on the unspoken majority of the world whose story is incredible and heartfelt.


The Other Hundred’s first edition received 12,000 submissions from 1,500 different photographers from 156 countries. Six judges selected only 100 stories along with pictures to share to the world. The first edition was designed to be as a counterpoint to the Forbes 11 Bloomberg Billionaires list and the other countless lists that feature the wealthy and powerful. The goal was to celebrate the lives and achievements of the people around the world who are not rich, but deserve recognition.


The Second edition of The Other Hundred focused on the stories of entrepreneurs around the world. It attempted to capture the different ways in which people go about in their ways to create and maintain their livelihoods and the livelihoods of others. Out of the tens of thousands of submission only 100 entries were chosen by world renowned jury: Lisa Botos, Ruth Eichhorn, Yumi Goto, Chandran Nair, Simon Cartledge, and Stefen Chow.


And with great honor, Iraq Builders was announced as one of the winning entries! This is a huge accomplishment and achievement for the team of Iraq Builders. All the hard work of the doctors, pharmacists, engineers, construction workers, businessmen, and volunteers is now recognized and celebrated by the whole world. Amidst of war and violence, Iraq Builders is working hard and striving to rebuild Iraq and its homes. The skills and knowledge of everyone in the teams changed the lives of many people, and now it is finally recognized and celebrated by the international community. People from all over the world will read the story of Iraq Builders and its mission to restore broken and destroyed homes. The teams of Iraq Builders are humbled by this recognition and will continue to work harder for the Iraqi community.

You can visit the original entry on The Other Hundred’s website via this link:
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IRAQ Builders

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