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A Self-denial Lesson

By Leen Alqudsi.

Every girl dreams of the big day, thinks about the white beautiful dress that she will wear and how will be her wedding party celebrating this important life event with family and friends.
Who may decide to to give up one of his/her dreams for someone else, for poor people, maybe?
Ala’a is a typical girl, with master degree, has a job, a volunteer with IRAQ Builders team and, as many literate and educated young women, works on self-realization.


Ala’a was engaged to Mustafa, who has conformable thoughts of her. As many couples, they even dreamt about their “Big Day”, so they planned for every thing to be perfect with help of some friends.
The surprise was that their big day wasn’t a wedding party, it was a campaign to distribute winter needs to displaced people in one of the camps in Baghdad.


They donated all the cost of the wedding to offer some needs of those people, they chose to celebrate with them instead of friends and family and to share their happiness with people who lost it.
Ala’a and Mustafa are a big lesson of humanity and self-denial.


With our best wishes for them!

IRAQ Builders

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