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A Story of Hope

By Leen Alqudsi.

Have you ever thought of having a pet?
And what about a donkey inside a house?!
Abu Ameen had one!

Abu Ameen is a disabled man who lives with his family in Al-Hurriyah area.
His house was completely made of mud, he depended on a donkey! A donkey to help him in collecting T-cans!

He forced his children to dropout of school to help him in moving and working.
When it rains, Abu Ameen used to cover the donkey with a blanket or enter it inside the house to protect it because it’s their only source of income!

In one of winter’s rainstorms, the roof of the house had fell.
At first, IRAQ Builders team had fixed the roof as a temporary solution, then the team decided to build a complete house for this family, the whole cost was 5 Million Iraqi Dinars!

After sharing Abu Ameen’s story on one of the volunteers’ profile on Facebook, a benefactor abroad had e-mailed the team and donated the whole amount that was needed for the family that the team was able to finish the house and buy a motocar for the father to work with instead of the donkey.

His children Ameen, Yousif and Hawra’a are back to school and for Ali, his 12-years old son, he can’t because he has a squint and needs to be corrected.


The family’s life has changed extremely..

By the help of the humanitarians,
The family has a house to live in,
The father has a better way to earn living and
The children are studying, on their way to achieve their dreams!

The Mission 16 was a beginning of a hope story to end a painful one


IRAQ Builders

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