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A Symbol of Love for our Homeland Iraq

By Zaid Abbas.

The aims of IRAQ Builders team are not limited to helping the poor, but also address the issues. The most important aim of the team is to unite the Iraqi society and so was the mission No. 45 (Oum Imad – In Karrada), a Christian woman, despite the unchanged misery and the severe living situation, she refused to travel outside Iraq with her son Imad, a 13 -year-old boy, and her 3 daughters and determined to stay. “I will not leave my country.” Oum Imad said, during the mission of IRAQ Builders’ champions in April 11th, 2014.

The team members demolished and reconditioned the walls and the roof of the house entirely and built a new room. “Oum Imad is very happy and says that Iraq is still ok!” said Vian, the woman who told us about Oum Imad. 


Imad, the pessimistic boy with his long hair and gloomy face, said Iraq is fine and now I know that I have many brothers.” Vian reported, after Imad’s smile was returned to his face and he cut his hair and started to take care of his appearance again.


Iraq builders team doesn’t belong to anyone but Iraq and Iraqis!

We are proud to serve our Iraq.

IRAQ Builders

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