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A Wedding Ring is a Symbol of Eternal Commitment

By Mina Sabah.

A never ending devotion, a pure, honored and an unbroken bond.
A daily reminder of a promise made.
And when a symbol as that with all its possession of long-life beautiful memories, is given away as a donation for displaced families, words can only lose their power as humanity is seen in the most divine, purest form.

We were surprised as one lady of this given country, donated both her wedding ring and her sister’s to serve displaced families with few sincere words directed to us all, reminding us of our humanitarian duty towards them.


“As the tragic images of the displaced families were shown on television, missing the simplest needs of life, while I was with my family breaking our fast in the holy month of Ramadan surrounded by wonders, varieties of food, blessed by a safe home and a cold shade, I only felt the heavy burden I held towards displaced families in this crisis which our country is going through, and I wished to be the helping hand, but did not know a way, and that’s how I knew about the IRAQ Builders team from a friend of mine. And because I hand no cash funds, both me and my sister decided to donate our golden wedding rings with wishes it would contribute to alleviate the pain of those who have suffered.” The lady said.

“And I call my brothers and sisters to remember the holy sayings of Allah and how to exceed difficulties. This is one of those difficulties, break it by helping those families as much as you can and let’s give away our selfishness.” She added.


We stand honoring this noble act; which enhanced our determination to work for the orphans, the poor, and the needy.

IRAQ Builders

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