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Al-Mutanabbi Comes to the Selvage!

By Watan M. Al-Taie.

Anxiously every week we wait Friday at Al-Mutanabbi, it’s not just like any other day, although it’s a holiday, it’s a great opportunity to remind people of their human responsibility through collecting money to the needed immigrants. It’s not only money, it’s more than that, it’s a reminder to every Iraqi of their just cause.

The primary role of Al-Mutanabbi street found raising is to secure financial support, but also we consider it as an effective method to engage people who my not normally consider themselves interested in the charity’s by approaching passers and highlight the importance of our cause.
Al-Mutanabbi is not just a road, it’s a palace of great social contact between cultured people the most sensitive people for the public issues such as the flight of the immigrant to safety.

Now, who is Al-Mutanabbi? And what he stands for?
As we know, Al-Mutanabbi is the great poet who encouraged humanity and reminded people for their deeds. That’s why we go out at his street under the burning sun to raise donations for all immigrant people in Iraq to render them safety, food, medical and financial support.


So Friday at Al-Mutanabbi with IRAQ Builders is not the same..

IRAQ Builders

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