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Al-Mutanabi Charity Market

One of the important Iraq builders’s events, are the “charity markets” that we are holding in many places, and this time it was at our favorite places Al-Mutanabi street which it’s considered as one of the important centers of culture and awareness. It was a new activity in addition to the weekly fundraising campaign there.


It was a special day for one of our new volunteers. He was so enthusiastic to participate in our events he came to the market and he started to explain to the people who we are ,what we are doing and what are our achievements . After he has finished his work he came to one of our old volunteers and he said “I am sad” because after I’ve talked to one of people walking across the street about the idea of the team and type of the people we are aiming to help and asked him to donate, he rejected and treated me cruelly . It hurts to hear that and I am wondering about the feeling of poor and helpless people when they face situations like that continuously .
Iraq Builders team promised themselves to continue in the journey of helping orphans and poor people because it’s a divine one.

IRAQ Builders

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