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An Angelic Spirit

By Ahmed Al-Gharawi.

Abbas is a little child lives with his family in an illegal housing community in Rustumiyah, one of the suburbs in Southeast Baghdad.

Abbas would hang around us all day long when we are constructing the Iraq 1 Complex, lending us a hand of help–from the very early morning until we call it a day.

Last Friday, during lunch break, each one of us found a little spot of shadow to have his lunch underneath. It happened to see little Abbas hanging out with one of the volunteers, so I offered him to have lunch with me and asked him to compete who shall finish first!
He declined politely, saying he already had his lunch at home, though my colleagues insisted on him.


We also got some yogurt to drink–I tossed him out a yogurt can, and insisted on him to take it! Little Abbas took it with a cute shy smile on his face!
Yet, he didn’t open it! I inquired why didn’t you open it up? He replied: “Ammo, I want to save it for Baba when he gets back from work at night, for he enjoys yogurt!”

What an angelically generous spirit, though struck with an extreme poverty!

Translated by: Mehmed Yaqubi.

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