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Auntie! Is this what they call it ‘Zawraa’?!”

translated by : mohamed yaqubi
Auntie! Is this what they call it ‘Zawraa’?!”
Hasouni chose to express his indescribable happiness with the above statement!
The IB young volunteers arranged for a fun and recreational trip for the little orphaned children catered by the IB, to Iraq’s largest amusement park, located in Southwestern Baghdad.


Those children live with their families in a shocking a striking poverty on the ghettos and illegal residential complexes bordering the Greater Baghdad Metropolitan Area.
Those kids never came to the city and enjoyed the recreational facilities existing in it–such as zoos, amusement parks, national parks, malls, etc…
They just see roller coasters and Ferris Wheels on TV–but not in real life.
Their reactions and happenings were immeasurable, and beyond words!
The IB volunteers broke the kids down into teams; to compete with one another in various activities with prizes and surprises. Along with barbecue picnic-style lunch.


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