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Breaking Our Fast With Orphans

By Mena Abdulrazzaq.

Have you ever tried to be with orphans and poor people during Ramadan? Have you ever tried that feeling? Have you ever thought about the real purpose of fasting?
We have! Our voluntary team and during the holy month of Ramadan, the month of solidarity and helping each other and worship really proved that Ramadan is not only abstaining from food and water from dawn to dusk to fulfill their fasting obligation, but also take the opportunity to reinvigorate family ties and get closer to poor people and know how is their feeling.

Our heroes never forget their duty towards the orphans and poor people of our country so they invited orphans and poor people from all regions of Baghdad, we prepared everything for them divided into groups, some were preparing food and others were welcoming them and their families. The concern shown by our volunteers is very meaningful for those people who have no one to depend on.

We tried to provide numerous ways to bring joy into their hearts. And thus spending a day in Ramadan with us is the time for them to forget their sorrows and solitude, and realize that there are many people outside there who still care for them. After finishing the meal each one of us realized that this is a precious day and will never be forgotten.

Finally and after having the meal and breaking our fast with them we did not forget to please their hearts with some gifts, no words could explain our happiness and satisfaction when we saw the smile on their faces.

At the end of the day we realized that this is a day to remember and we will never forget that day.

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