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Car Ads Campaign by IRAQ Builders

By Alzahraa A. Razzaq.

Aiming at continuing our efforts to convey requests of poor and orphans to a major world, we decided to release our simple advertising campaign to publish our projects and achievements supporting poor and needy people of our community.

This campaign is very simple and feasible that everybody can share in it. It’s just an A4-sized paper, contains the team’s name, logo and address (if it’s possible), colored or not and you have to paste it on the inside back window of your cars in a way that doesn’t obscure visibility to the driver.car_ads_campaign

As you know we spent a lot of time in traffic jams so try to make people behind read something interesting and useful instead of meaningless phrases.
Be sure that you’ll be a reason of leading them to know our humanitarian team (IRAQ Builders) as a result you may be a cause of a voluntary work or donations to help and support poor and orphans.

Don’t forget!! That you will do a great favor due to every charitable work caused by this advertisement.
If you would like to share in our campaign, please snap and send us the advertisement paper pasted on your car to be published on our pages in order to motivate others to do so.

If you don’t have a car, please share this campaign in public to make others share in this campaign.

Many thanks for Marwa Saad.

IRAQ Builders Humanitarian Team.

IRAQ Builders

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