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Do Well by Doing Good

By Leen Alqudsy.

After the expansion of our team’s activities and all the success stories and their impact that you can see everywhere, we decided to take the team to a higher level by holding new activities in order to introduce the team to people in a wider view and promote the idea of volunteerism, so that we can, together, paint a brighter future for our country.

From this point came the idea of holding a charity market which was opened, for the first time in Al-Alwiyah Club in April 19th, 2014 and lasted for 7 days. Different items were offered; such as paintings, accessories, flowers, clothes, handmade pieces and also dessert, in addition to the team’s products of trash bags, clocks and mugs.
The market also included the drawing on hands and face of children and on the white mugs, on which you can choose what you want to be drawn on them.


By the volunteers’ efforts and all those who cooperated, the charity market was successfully accomplished and reflected a wonderful impression about the team and their sincerity to present the best.


All profits went to help and support orphans and poor people.

By your love and support, the best is yet to come!

… to be continued.

IRAQ Builders

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