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Draw a Smile

By Fatma Mustafa.

Nothing is more beautiful than drawing a smile on poor children’s faces!

Their smiles give you unlimited happiness, they give unlimited energy, as if they have a kind of special magic that can give you lots of amazing feelings.

Although what I gave them was just a little thing, the smiles that I saw on their faces were really big! It’s a great thing to see the happiness in other people’s eyes, and you know you are a reason for all that. How would you feel then? There are no words to describe this feeling!

Their joyful laughter and smiles when they’re looking directly at you are charming, and make you feel all the love in their eyes, because they know you are the main reason for this true happiness for them and their families.

Did you know?
In IRAQ Builders team, me and my friends have been drawing a lot of smiles, we are living days that can’t even be described with words!


Be the one who creates the smile. Try to experience this beautiful feeling which stimulates your full humanitarian senses!

You. Yes, you are the one who draws the smiles, not someone else.

IRAQ Builders

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