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Dreams Do Come True!

By Watan M. Al-Taie.

All of us could remember our dreams as a child some of us want to be doctors others engineers, we have had the opportunity to fulfill our dreams unlike Ali, A 14 years old who wants to be a pilot or at least to see an airplane. Unfortunately, Ali dropped out of school in order to support his family by collecting used cans and each day is a challenge, but when it seems all doors are shut, Iraq builders door is always open…

Dreams do come true, and Ali is a living proof of that. On March 2014, Iraq builders arranged a surprise tour at Baghdad International Airport for Ali to see and ride an airplane by himself, the look in his eyes was stunning. This positive and wonderful experience will stay in his memory forever, increase his self-esteem and sense of self- worth.


Ali now at school provided by Iraq builders team for literacy, he did not miss any of his previous lessons. Destiny would lead him, one day we will hear his voice welcoming us and he is the captain of the plain.

IRAQ Builders

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