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From poverty.. creativity and achievement are born

translated by : Hasanain Mohammed

From poverty.. creativity and achievement are born.but it could not be continues. A great football player project that could raise the name of Iraq high lives in a destroyed home. The photo is from the roofing mission of the respectful Om Kathum’s house. Kathum is 14 years old when he saw the volunteers started to work and to build the roof, he joined them quickly to offer help. And while working and talking with Kathum, we have noticed that Kathum is highly professional football player and when he was in the sixth grade, he got this medal in a championship that was held in Baghdad and covered all the cities. In addition, Kathum is so clever in his study.


But poverty and need forced him to leave the school and to leave his hobbies and to work in a car repair garage. Poverty is ugly but poor people are pretty and such great hobbies and power do they have.

IRAQ Builders

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