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Holy Friday

Friday had been always my day off. I usually spend Fridays hanging out with friends or staying home watching TV though I never felt relieved the way I feel when I spend Fridays building for the orphans with IRAQ Builders team. Every time I go for a building mission I notice the widow keep watching our work progress step by step, praying for us and thinking of the next days where no rain is going to be falling from the ceiling! We always ask the widow to take a rest while her house is being built but she refuses telling us that she doesn’t want this dream to be over and honestly we don’t blame her for that. 2 Imagine being poor, in need and living in a room with no roof and ruined walls and suddenly a group of young people offers to fix your house for free. Can you imagine your reaction? Of course you are going to be astonished. We always get comments like “what’s forcing you to do that?” from our friends, relatives and even our families! Everyone is wondering what we get in return for spending our rest time working, building, getting dirty and tired. Well our humanity, nationality and that great feeling we get when the mission is done. You think that we are helping them but the truth is that we are the ones who are in need for their praying and in need to feel that we can actually offer something to our country. 3 Building missions is not for building houses only; it’s for behaving ourselves and to be close to others who have different cultures, nationalities and sects. We were strangers but voluntary work brought us together like a family. After joining IB I’ve noticed that two hours can make a big change in someone’s life instead of spending those hours using the internet or going to a cafe with friends and spend a lot of money .. You can help us by volunteering, your time, your work, your donations, and many ways that you can join us to fight against poverty.

IRAQ Builders

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