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How We Work

Cyber Part

Our work is based on using social networks in order to:

1- Recruit volunteers.

2- Raise donations.

3- Launch urgent help calls for medical and humanitarian conditions that require rapid intervention either financially or on the ground.

4- Publish updates about our projects, initiatives, and latest developments related to urgent help calls and volunteer achievements.

All the above is done via:

1- Iraq Builders volunteers general group on Facebook. (Link)

This group represents the backyard for our team in which we discuss projects and initiatives, publish announcements about on-site action (such as the time and place of our missions), and recruit new volunteers.

Iraq Builders team – Nassireyiah branch – group on Facebook. (Link)

Iraq builders team – Ammarah branch – group on facebook. (Link)

Iraq builders team – Najaf branch – group on facebook. (Link)

2- We have additional sub-groups/admin accounts (on Facebook) divided according by role, such as:

– Logistics team group (Link)

– Medical team group (Link)

We recruit medical professionals to volunteer within this team via Google Document, which we constantly update via our social media channels.

Medical team volunteer form (Link)

– Media team admin (Link)

– Media team group (Link)

– Engineer team admin (Link)

3- Iraq Builders core team group on Facebook (Link)

This group represents the administrative council/committee in that outlines major issues and where starting projects and budgets are discussed.

4- Iraq Builders page on Facebook (Link)

5- Iraq Builders on Twitter (Link)

6- Iraq Builders channel on YouTube (Link) (Link) (Link)

7- Iraq Builders on Instagram (Link)

8- Iraq Builders smartphone application is also under process and in search for sponsors to fund the cost of production.

Real Life Part

Al-Ta’awn Charity Society is considered the incubator for Iraq Builders team that work hand in hand with its staff to carry out our mission.

Website: www.aytamaliraq.com/iraq/index.php

Facebook: www.facebook.com/altaawn.society

Our mutual working relationship is represented by:

1- Using the Society’s headquarters building as the location for team meetings and activities, as well as receiving and storing food/clothes/furniture donations.

2- Using the Society’s vehicles and equipment by the volunteers carry out projects.

3- Using the Society’s bank account to receive online/overseas donations.

4- Using the Society’s accounting system to receive and organize donations (inside Iraq).

5- Using the Society’s database and network to identify and reach out to our beneficiaries (marginalized groups within our community).

IB Team is representing Iraq in the
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