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Iraqi Female Builders

By Fatma Mustafa.

Have you ever seen a girl stained with the dye spots?
Have you ever seen her carrying blocks and preparing cement mixture for the construction procedure? 
Alternatively, let us say, seeing her walking in the streets with dirty shoes, sustaining the flames of the hot sun and going to remote areas, areas that few people heard about it.
She does not care about her prestige and elegance, not interested in her makeup, fashion or style, no concerns about her dirty clothes.
Are you going to say, I have not seen such a girl like this before?
Let me tell you, yes, there is.

She is a volunteer in IRAQ Builders. 
She is the girl that I mentioned earlier, and she is more than that.
She is the one that devoted her days and rest times to offering help to orphans and poor people.


She is the one that realized that she can get the peace of mind by helping other people and by receiving the words of gratitude from a widowed mother embracing her and saying to her “you are a great girl, god bless you”, words that mixed with the tears of happiness.
She is that angel that never say to the tiredness “you are exhausting me”, instead, you see her works tirelessly like a honeybee with the other young volunteers.
She says “What is the difference between me and them? Me too, I want to help in building a roof to a poor family making them enjoying a happy life”.
You are so distinctive and a source of pride for us, you are that girl volunteer in IRAQ Builders and me too, feel proud to be so.

Translated by: Hassanain Mohammed.

IRAQ Builders

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