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Just Imagine!

By Leen Alqudsi.

Imagine that you lost your house.. that you were displaced!

Lost your job, school, college, relatives, friends and neighbors!

Can you pass through your day without eating anything?
Or can you sleep on the ground because you don’t have a bed?
Or what if you don’t have anything to wear?
Can you sleep out in open air?

Imagine that you lost every thing you own, what would you do? Sure that you would need a hand to be given to you to help and support..

When we decided to be “Help and Support” to every needy person, we meant that!
And now those thousands of displaced families need any minor help!
We’ve started our campaign “Our house is yours” and we are going on from one place to another wherever they exist.

This time our team went to Al-Gre’at in Al-Adhamiyah to visit the displaced families there, and according to the needs inventory that was made by our heroes, we were able to provide some electrical appliances and some essential needs for them, so they can continue their lives.


We’ve made a promise and we’re committed.


IRAQ Builders

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