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From poverty.. creativity and achievement are born

translated by : Hasanain Mohammed From poverty.. creativity and achievement are born.but it could not be continues. A great football player project that could raise the name of Iraq high lives in a destroyed home. The photo is from the roofing mission of the respectful Om Kathum’s house. Kathum is 14 years old when he saw the volunteers started to work and to build the roof, he joined them quickly to offer help. And while working and talking with Kathum, we have noticed that Kathum is highly professional football player and when he was in the sixth grade, he got […]

Painting of Sadness!

translated by Alzahra’a A. Razzaq Mohammed is a seven years old orphaned boy, whose father was killed in front of him. Our team “Iraqbuilders” visited his family to share lunch with them last week.. We tried to add a kind of entertainment and happiness to them, Mohammed and his brothers, So we played games and chatted with them..At the end of the day Mohammed surprised us by his painting..Here we were speechless to this view..since no word can express this painting and the sadness inside of it..

Iraq Builders Team’s 2nd anniversary

By Om Ala’ and Dr. Zaid Khoursheed, Translated by Leen Alqudsi The first five volunteers in 2013, who founded the team, have become 240 volunteers in 2015 and celebrating together the 2nd anniversary of the team, proud of all their achievements through two years hoping and looking for providing more, helping and supporting more. The ceremony included a presentation for the team’s activities and achievements and their vision and goals for the future. Some of the volunteers talked about their own volunteering experience with Iraq Builders Team. At the end of the ceremony, all the supporting, donors, benefactors, and the […]

Muslims Stand With Charlie Hebdo

by : Asif Arif Asif Arif is a lawyer in Paris and director of the website Cultures & Beliefs. He is the author of the book “L’Ahmadiyya: un Islam interdit.” The massacre of 12 people (figures not final) in cold blood this morning around 11:00 a.m. is an unparalleled horror. It goes without saying that even before the appreciation related to their profession, they were, above all else, human beings. In this way, no one has the right to life or death over them. But their profession cannot be taken away, these individuals were journalists, symbols of freedom of the […]

Donating your dear memories for charity !!

by: Mena Abdulrazaq During my visit to one of the shopping malls in the Saidia area i walked in to one of the old and well known stores and i noticed a number of accessories and specially the ones made of pearls because it’s usually what attracts me, And i also noticed its good quality, so i asked the respectful store owner about their price and i found out that it was relatively cheap considering its quality and price in the market ,which i know because of my passion for pearls therefore i can recognise the good quality and the […]

Christmas Spirits

Those who scrupulously scrutinize the life and teachings of the Christ, will observe that he is the ultimate manifestation and text-book definition of love, mercy, compassion, altruism, and sacrifice for others. Those successive gestures of care, acts of tenderness, and touches of hope that volunteers around the globe share are, inarguably, the most evident testimony to the goodness the human spirit is capable to possess! It is mentioned in on of the traditions that God once said: “Among all things I have created, nothing encompasses My Love like the human heart!” Hence, it is not shockingly surprising to see individuals […]

A Huge Achievement and Recognition for Iraq Builders

By: Soura Al-Zubaidi The Other Hundred is a photo-book project that features 100 photos and stories of people across 91 countries. The project is dedicated to the untold stories of the lives of people who deserve recognition from the world. The Other Hundred strives to both inform and drive the thoughts of the readers. There is the misconception that being rich and famous is the only way to succeed, live a meaningful life, and be recognized by everyone. The Other Hundred’s goal is to bring light on the unspoken majority of the world whose story is incredible and heartfelt. The […]

School Bag Campaign

Aiming at supporting education in Iraq, and giving the chance for poor and orphaned children to share their companies the feeling of beginning their first day at school, our team of humanity “IRAQ Builders” started a School Bag Campaign of about 700 satchels in Baghdad delivered to needy and orphaned students.

Another Roof Built in Al-Najaf by IB Team

Allah says in his Holy Quran “And whatever you spend in the cause of Allah will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged.” (8:60). By the grace of Allah, Al-Ta’awn Charity Society with its team IRAQ Builders had completed building a roof for Abu- Muqtada’s family in Al-Najaf province.

Building a New Roof in Al-Najaf

By Watan M. Taie. For a handicap man without a decent shelter to live with five kids to support in such trebled environment, it’s not an easy way to live!It’s a great challenge any one would face, without resources, only bare hand, one stands for ovation to this great man in his struggle to support his family.

Car Ads Campaign by IRAQ Builders

By Alzahraa A. Razzaq. Aiming at continuing our efforts to convey requests of poor and orphans to a major world, we decided to release our simple advertising campaign to publish our projects and achievements supporting poor and needy people of our community. This campaign is very simple and feasible that everybody can share in it. It’s just an A4-sized paper, contains the team’s name, logo and address (if it’s possible), colored or not and you have to paste it on the inside back window of your cars in a way that doesn’t obscure visibility to the driver.

FORUM ONE and the 1000 Smile Challenge

ABOUT FORUM ONE FORUM ONE is nonprofit organization and the only conference in Central and Eastern Europe, where worldwide business leaders, visionaries, provocateurs of changes and indisputable international experts share their insights. Unlike traditional conferences, FORUM ONE provides unique learning experiences, inspiration, discussions, business networking and entertainment to over 5000 businessmen, managers, leaders and professionals from Central and Eastern Europe. First time organized in summer 2013, second FORUM ONE happens October 23-25 in Vilnius Lithuania.

An Angelic Spirit

By Ahmed Al-Gharawi. Abbas is a little child lives with his family in an illegal housing community in Rustumiyah, one of the suburbs in Southeast Baghdad. Abbas would hang around us all day long when we are constructing the Iraq 1 Complex, lending us a hand of help–from the very early morning until we call it a day.

Cooperation is What We Need

By M Ibrahim Haboubi. IB team using the technical talents of their volunteers did reach a lot of people around the world. Their true efforts in field helping the displaced families from the north were so touching. Day by day, people from outside the country start communications and cooperation with them to help these families. This time it was the (Iraqi-New Zealand Woman Association) which was amused by the team work, and a cooperation took place between the two leading to an outstanding mission by the IB team in Al-Nasiriyah city where the team distributed day-living needs to many families […]

Iraqi Female Builders

By Fatma Mustafa. Have you ever seen a girl stained with the dye spots?Have you ever seen her carrying blocks and preparing cement mixture for the construction procedure? Alternatively, let us say, seeing her walking in the streets with dirty shoes, sustaining the flames of the hot sun and going to remote areas, areas that few people heard about it.She does not care about her prestige and elegance, not interested in her makeup, fashion or style, no concerns about her dirty clothes.Are you going to say, I have not seen such a girl like this before?Let me tell you, yes, there […]