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New School Year

By Leen Alqudsi.

Every child, every student, is eager to get new supplements for the new school year, new clothes, stationery, and a new bag. In September, markets are crowded with people to buy what they need to start a happy new school year.

IRAQ Builders team were the parents this time for 35 orphan children.
On the last Friday, they went with the children to Baghdad Al-Jadida market to supply them with hope and smiles to start a successful year. They bought for them clothes, bags and some other stuffs. Despite of their need, of the poverty, they were happy of what they got and despite of the bad conditions in Baghdad, IRAQ Builders insisted to present them that happiness.

Thanks a lot for the merciful heart, for every one who donates, for the merchants who give the children clothes for free and for every one who participates in this.

Orphans are our responsibility.
We will take them to the end of the tunnel where the light is, which will brighten their new future.

IRAQ Builders, the hope makers..

IRAQ Builders

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