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Recreating Hope Among Iraq’s Displaced Families Continues

By Mina Sabah.

This time our team, IRAQ Builders, rushed to help the families from Nineveh plains, Hamdaniyah & Tel-afar.

Those families who did not know what sleep, rest nor peace are for the past months, they came to take refuge and a home in the houses and schools in one of the areas of Baghdad, Al-Ameen.

Our team was honored to serve the displaced families and worked till late hours of night to distribute 5 Air coolers, 5 cookers, 2 waters pumpers, 5 waters Tanks and 5 tabletop fans, in addition to 40 food portions.

The IRAQ Builders team is dedicated to Iraq and Iraqi’s.

We were here!

IRAQ Builders.

IRAQ Builders

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