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Remanufacturing Damged Air Coolers Campaign

By Mina Sabah.

Summer in Iraq is well known for it’s hot and dry climate, with its long hours of daylight filled with sun beams which sting the bodies of those who have suffered from poverty and tough living circumstances.

And thus, IRAQ Builders team started its new campaign, to re-manufacture damaged air coolers, instead of having its final rest destroyed in the trash.

Heathem Sabah, this hardworking man who’s also a volunteer in our team, took upon his will the job of reassembling the damaged parts of air coolers, spending his days and nights, with his biggest smile and most honorable morals to finish off the air coolers and have them distributed to those who are in need.
With his high spirit, he taught us that change is possible, and “never” is a word that will never be.

As we promised to be the helping, supporting and caring hand for the orphans and the poor, and because of your donations, and the effort of the heroes of our team, the first batch is done; brand new with the team’s logo on it, and is now serving those who are in need, to ease the pain of their suffering.

We would like to thank you for your donations and support, and for always putting your trust and faith in us.. IRAQ Builders.

IRAQ Builders

One Response to Remanufacturing Damged Air Coolers Campaign

  1. Hi everyone
    My name is Ula Im 22 Y graduated from baghdad university and currently working for korek telecom .. I wanted to join ur team long time ago but I had no chance .. im abig fan of ur work and really admire the big family hopefully I could join u soon if I was accepted ..
    Thank you 🙂

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