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Social Networking and Humanitarian Issues

By Leen Alqudsi.

Many of you thought that Facebook is useless and is a big waste of time, but the humanitarian team (IRAQ Builders), the elite of Iraqi youth, has proven otherwise and changed this thought.. forever! A little 9-year-old orphan girl from a poor family was suffering from (Renal Failure) for a long period of time and needed a kidney transplantation operation.


It was a challenge for us to collect the amount of the surgical operation in a short time, we probably didn’t even expect, at the best conditions, to collect the whole amount within at least 10 days or so, but by announcing this case through our Facebook page and the efforts of young people and humanity souls, we were able to collect donations of 32 million IQD (more than $27,000) in three days only; an average of 10 million IQD a day! By these donations, we could cover the whole expenses of the operation and medications, in addition to the residence of her mother in Dohuk, a city in the western north of Iraq, where the operation was successfully done.


Because of you, Rusul is doing well now!
Congratulations to you, your humanitarian souls and to all of us, “YOU”.

IRAQ Builders

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