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The brave female soldier the martyr Kumait Al- Asadi

by :zaid hani khorsheed
translated by : hassanain mohammed

The brave soldier the martyr Kumait Al- Asadi, the expert in Dismantling Explosives, she had processed
tens of bombs and she dedicated her life in serving the country.
Today Kumait Al- Asadi is a martyr as she got cancer disease because of the long exposure to chemical substances found in bombs.
Kumait is a mother of a 12 years old girl, Ritaj that lives with her grandmother
(Kumait’s Mother), Kumait’s husband is dead.
Today IRAQ Builders visited them and we saw the miserable situation that the girl and her grandmother suffer from, because Kumait was the only source of income to this family that live in an apartment consisting only a bedroom and bathroom in such a bad condition.


Today Ritaj was crying because they don’t have enough money to make a funeral to her martyred mother.
Dear youth, we are in front of a family that might be neglected, a girl with her too old grandmother, we have to get them out of the renting penalties and to do something to them that might change their situation to a little better one.
For those who would like to help the martyr’s daughter and mother and to know more about their situation, you can contact the facebook page IRAQ Builders.
This is the simplest help we can offer to the martyrs of our army and police for their appreciated sacrifices to live in peace.
For more information, you can call us on the following numbers:



IRAQ Builders

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