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The Dawn of Hope

He was a lifeless body, his time of death was declared and almost got thrown in the morgue–not until a police officer noticed Abu Ahmed was moving his finger.

The police officer grabbed on of the physicians to revive him and stabilize him. Abu Ahmed spent a considerable amount oh his time afterwards in hospital wards getting treatment. He lost his ability to talk along with one of his eyes, and the one left a tumor metastasized in it and complex surgery is required abroad to save it.


Abu Ahmed’s family lived in a very dangerously deteriorating house, that is actually not livable to begin with. A collapsed roof with a low ground that rainwater found its way easily to flood and penetrate the house.


The mother said she had to hid the children in the closets to protect them from rain, and had to transfer her ill husband to the next-door neighbor to keep an eye for him.

dawn_of_hope4 dawn_of_hope3

With the tireless efforts of our volunteers and the generousity of our donors, the IRAQ Builders team was able to repair and restore the house for the family!


Translated by Mehmed Yaqubi.

IRAQ Builders

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