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The Tragic Story of Oum Haider’s Family From Al-Nasiriyah

By Alzahraa A. Razzaq.

“I couldn’t let them extract her eyes, she is a girl, what a miserable life she will live if that happens!!”
Shedding tears, with her broken-hearted voice, Oum Haider said that sentence which had wept our tears (IRAQ Builders team in Al-Nasiriyah).

Oum Haider, an Iraqi married woman, who has four children but the life showed her and her children all kinds of severity and hardship.
Not the life only!! The terrorism also shared in her tragedy, by losing her husband in one of the terrorist bombs, leaving four orphans. Moreover, such hard and unmerciful life she lives, she is getting suffer every day to have their sustenance.

Furthermore, she lost her first child due to having eye cancer, and leaving after his martyr father, the patient mother alone. She still has three, but the misery lasts to show the severest torment to this wretched and patient family, because operations made for two of the children to extract their eyes because of that same danger disease, to avoid their death, since they are her only treasure!!

What a great patience!! What a great heart that she has!! When she said her sentence talking about her last child:
“I couldn’t let them extract her eyes, she is a girl, what a miserable life she will live if that happens”.

al-nasiriyahNow she is witnessing a new battle against life, either letting her girl dying by cancer or losing her eyes and spending the rest of her life blind.
Oh dear mother, we are asking Allah to show mercy on you and give you his blessings, nobody has more than your pride when we asked you about your needs and your answer was:” Nevermore repairing the roof”.
As they used to be help and support on time “IRAQ Builders team” stood with this widow and supported by the donations of benevolent people, heading towards her house on Thursday to remove the old damaged roof and build the new one next Friday which will shelter the mother and her orphans during winter and summer..

The amount required is one million dinars.

We are as we promised you to be “HELP AND SUPPORT”


IRAQ Builders

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