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Third Charity Market At Alwiyah Club

The team IRAQ Builders is holding the third charity market on the land of Alwiyah Club – Alshamsiya Hall.
The income of the market will be dedicated to fund our charitable campaigns that support Orphans, Poor people, IDPs and other activities.


The invitation will be to the members of Alwiyah Club and their guests.
Date: 23 Dec. to 1 Jan.
Time: from 10 am to 10 pm. Daily
The team will show the hand made products like women’s accessories, candles, decorated glassware, painting etc.


When you buy a product, you are really participating in helping an orphaned child and a widowed mother waiting an action from you.
Thank you for your wonderful efforts and spiritual support that help us to do our best, helping the Orphans, Poor and IDPs.


Make your shopping acquired for good earning.
We feel honored by your coming

translated by : Hassanain Mohammed

IRAQ Builders

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