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Three in One!

 By Leen Alqudsi.

When we decided to be “Help and Support” we had to do our best to be..

The team doesn’t depend only on donations, the volunteers found ways to produce and sell their own products so the profits go to support IRAQ Builders’ projects.


One of these products is the “Trash Bag”.

As the first batch was ready,we’ve started the “3 in 1” campaign, that when someone buys a trash bag for his/her car which is made by Association of deaf and dumb for sewing, for 15,000 IQD, he/she underpins the special needs people, supports IRAQ Builders team projects to help poor families and orphans and also contribute to keep Baghdad clean.


All those three important issues are being supported when you contribute and buy a “Trash Bag” for you car.

1-The Deaf and Dumb Association.
2- IRAQ Builders team projects.
3- Keep the city clean.

Buy now from our store by clicking here.




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