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To Whom it May Concern

By Rawaa A. Mohammed.

Hey you, that are fighting with each other in our homeland.
You, that are shouting with repulsive sectarian words.
You, that pour pain in our bodies and singe in our eyes.
You, that killed our beloved friends throwing their bodies in wayside distorted and shredded.

Have you ever thought what you have done to the children of this sad country?
I don’t care where did the bombs strike or what happened afterwards, what really concerns me is a 7-year-old child!
What should I do to him? Letting him strike his country with bombs as well or leaving him to the miserable life cycle that will make a terrorist of him?

All of us are responsible for the children of this sad country, children that are growing like flowers in a land irrigated with blood, a land that no winds flow in it just the wind that hold the smell of fire and bullets mixed with the sighs of pain and sorrows.
Orphan children with the loss of hope that appeared obviously on their faces, I felt that the suffer they endured because of poverty and need cannot be described and no language can express it.

Hey luxuriant people, come with me to the bottom of this city, Baghdad, like all other cities, it also contains a bottom, believe me it is a bottom full of poverty, ignorance and misery.
Tears of widows and sorrows of children and their wishing looks to our luxuriant faces.

An orphan child has a name, what is his name? It does not matter, do not worry about his religious or ethnic identity, his humanity identity is the greater after all.

His face features, color, and the enthusiasm in his eyes, all are purely Iraqi characteristics.


A power of good and insight but with pale face because of malnutrition, a solid look like a steel that has been melted by the fire of premature concerns.
A body despite its slimness rises like a powerful man holding the flag of victory for his country.
He is very young but growing very fast like the fast growing of hanger and injustice in my country. He has a young widowed mother dressed in black with despair as if there is nothing to offer to the world after the moment when she heard the loss of her husband and lover, looking to her child with kindliness, despite the suffer in the world of drudging and poor people , sympathy, love and kindliness exist among them.

Her child also looks at his mother with smiling look, these beautiful feelings that sometimes grow between exhausted people like a flower growing in the core of a rock.
His lips moved timidly to say “I want to be an engineer”.
Do you have the ability to support this shying wish to become a real dream ends with a successful man.

Knowledge is the first revolutionary step in any nation, the real revolutionary basis which is with no destruction, no bloodshed and with great output and it would save our lives.

Join us in this revolution, a revolution against ignorance, against everyone who wants the wheel of time to go backwards.

“School Bag Campaign” which costs $30. With this donation, you guarantee a school bag, books, copybooks, and pencils to an orphan child.

You can donate by visiting our headquarters 
In Al-Otayfiya in front of Masjid Buratha.
Or you can call us on this phone number: +964 7702611609 

Translated by: Hassanain Mohammed.

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