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Um Hussein’s suffering

Translated by Samar Shareef.
-Hassoni, what do you want to become when you grow up?
-“I want nothing in life but to see my father again”.
That is the answer of Hussein (10 years) whom father was killed five months ago while defending our home land. Leaving behind a widow, three daughters and two boys.


The first difficulty Um Sarah ( Hussein’s mother) faced; was finding money for the burying of her husband!
The thing that all his brothers and friends did not provide. Till the point that she sold her daughter’s engagement earrings to provide money for the burying ceremony. “The one with bad luck, will always have bad luck” in those words Um Sarah started her talk about the unfairness she is going through by the acts of her family. Her father died 4 months before her husband, Her 8 brothers deprived their sisters from heritage. (because a woman in their confession does not deserve heritage). And thus non of the women on her family had any part of the family heritage!
Um Sarah’s family lives in a very poor and unhealthy environment, their roof is made of thin
Lead which leaks rain drops at winter. Bathroom is nearly a wreck. And due to low economic state her daughters don’t go to school. School only for boys!
Um Sarah needs a simple job to provide money for her own family. She wanted a sewer to sew as a job. When we asked her about her wishes; all she wished for is to see her boy Hussein an engineer!


After knowing all those details about the family, it was time to eat and play!
During that time we had a visitor, Um Ibrahem; a neighbor. Um Ibrahem is also a widow with a sad story, her daughter is sick, she can’t hear in her right ear and needs 500$ for treatment, but it is very big amount of money for her. Um Ibrahem also requested a sewer to sew for living.


There are many such stories, but we can at least try to make their lives better.
Make Um Sarah happy of her engineer boy!
Make Um Ibrahem happy with a healthier daughter.
Be part of us, help and support, for them.

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