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Urgent Aids to Displaced Christian Families from Mosul

The humanitarian team Iraq Builders set out yesterday to help our displaced brothers and sisters and to provide assistance in kind ,to provide sanitary, electrical devices, and drinking water. And to work on providing medication through the medical division.
Thanks to god and to the donations of the kind hearted we were able to distribute 100 blanket, food items that included 5 sacks of flour, 4 sacks of rice, and one sack of sugar. We also distributed baby clothes.


-While you’re enjoying the warmth of your bed
You’re beautiful house
And your loved ones, don’t forget….
Our people living in the cold outdoors
Under the merciless rain
The poor kids
Donate whatever you can spare
Winter clothes, heating devices.
Help us help them because you never know when will it be your turn to be displaced. Let us help our people.
Contribute with us to help our displaced brothers and sisters.

IRAQ Builders

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