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“We Have to Get 10” fight against illiteracy

By Watan M. Taie.

Out in the ghettos of Baghdad, Hussein, Nada, Sahar and others, owing poverty, are subject to crime, illness and illiteracy. This handicap them at their livelihood. Locking these vital skills undermines their well-being and stops them from making a full contribution to the economic and cultural life of our community.

Basic education is a measure for nations’ progress, that’s why IRAQ Builders put education high in their order of importance by rendering them the required education, mainly polishing in literacy to advance their capacity in learning and eventually helping them finding their way in life and work.
Volunteers admirably have joined us at holidays and mainly on Fridays in our fight against illiteracy, teaching children as rather exquisite adventure for both the teacher and the one they teach.


Hopefully, Next year we build on our success by expanding our work in all disadvantage communities in Iraq.

Rebuilding childhood continues…

IRAQ Builders

3 Responses to “We Have to Get 10” fight against illiteracy

  1. I really admire your contributions to the socity and hopefully one day I would be part of it.I’m a little bit curious about the results that you can reach by edcuadting children on the holidays , does it really pays off compared to a full time schools schedule , in other words, do they reach the state that they can read , write and perform a basic calculation.

    • The bore is necessary we take ten of the most beautiful campaigns volunteer was the teaching something easy and fun and feel the joy of great considering orphan or needy … for him from the shaft result of teaching for some children, and within a few days was the result of a good .. and praise be to Allah from dissatisfied contribute even something small and simple .. so Waco baby lion named approximately 10 years old or 9 years old can .. Atani simple card Greeting card of remembrance and requite me because by God help me because Anne and assistant professor Haitham bung Etjazo final tests and Thank God and thanks Kdrna achieve part of a child’s dream

    • Greeting sir
      About these classes , its very lessons focused by some special volunteers , doctors , teachers , engineers that have a view and interest about the new teaching methods , cares so much about how the child get the idea and education in simple ways , and smart ways to clarify the words and shapes that joined with it in some colorful cards and posters , and take care of the child like son and daughter , not just lessons and classes , it’s also a big deal of feeling ,

      Thank you
      Mustafa somer ( volunteer in iraq builders team )

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