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We Must Got 10 from 10 !

Two years ago the illiteracy rate in Iraq increased by 20%. This could be as a result of the successive wars and declining financial situations experienced by some families, especially those who lost their parents and also the large number of displaced people from several provinces after the isis crisis. A group of young people belonging to the volunteer team Iraq Builders decided to change this painful reality.
Iraq Builders created an educational branch within the team to teach children who are failing in school and need help with their studies. Engaged in this branch were a number of volunteers from various scientific disciplines such as doctors, pharmacists, engineers, teachers and others. They looked for children who are mostly orphans and do not have anyone to teach them at home.
In the first year they collected donations from donors in the community to complete the project and help them achieve their goal to improve education and raise awareness. Starting with educating these children on health and hygiene and respect for others and commitment and also devoted time to entertain and nutrition during the days of teaching at the initiator noticed the impact of wars and displacement pressure on psychological students and therefore was worked on the basis of their failure.
After the success of the project with first year students, one of the telecom companies decided to adopt financial support in the second year which helped them to receive double the number of children because of their efforts and their cooperation as a teaching team. They were able to achieve broader success for the second year which is also nice for the children as it changes their behavior and allows them to succeed in school.
Kids began under the auspices of their health and hygiene significantly and became more interactive and energetic, which motivated the volunteers to provide all that they can to continue to help these children who were victims of the situation of their country and save their future after the loss of their education.
This year Iraq Builders expanded their project to include another province in Iraq called Nasseriah after they were inspired by the idea of the project and witnessed its success in the capital, Baghdad. Children in Iraq will be able to live their dream one day and the illiteracy rate in the country will be reduced

IRAQ Builders

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