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Without anything in return? And why?!

translated By: Ammar.N

they were up at 5:30 am and they got out of the house at 6:00 am , so they can gather along in Iraqi Builders Union at 6:30 am so they can head it to Alwardia region at 7:00 am in a long trip in Almadaan district , most of them didn’t even have the time to eat their breakfast .
All what they were thinking about is to work hard and to give as much help as they can .
It’s 8:00 am and the first thing they want to do is to work very hard without being tired or bored and without complaining , the most important thing is to help Um Yassir’s family so she can live happily , comfortably and safety under the roof of her new home .


Now it’s 2:00 pm and they have the time to pray and have lunch very quickly so they can get back to their work , no one of them said ” it’s enough, I’m tired I want to go home , it’s very hot in here ” and we all know how hot the weather can be in the summer of Iraq , no one forced them to be there , there’s something different with these guys , that’s their humanity and the pure conscious to help those in need .
And their reward at the end is to see the happiness in the faces of the orphans and the widows , and today they saw the tears of happiness in the Um Yassir’s eyes , she cried a lot because at last she was safe and at ease and she said ” a very big burden was removed from my chest , at last I can live with my children in a safe house ”
Now 6:30 pm , they’ve finished the work and now its time to go home . They said bye to the family and gave them the key to their new home , the smiles were drawn on their faces and after a long day of word they werent tired at all. They were so happy with the widow’s prayers to them .

So my question after this story is that ..
Is there anyone that can work for 12 hours..
Without anything in return? And why ?!

IRAQ Builders

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