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Words of a Mother From Al-Nasiriyah

By Leen Alqudsi.

“I’m waiting for my little daughters to grow up and get married, to take their responsibility off”

Words of a mother, who is tired of poverty and life’s severity, words that were a call for the heroes of IRAQ Builders in Al-Nasiriyah to go and give Oum Karrar a hand to help and roof her house to live in with her children with dignity.

By the team’s efforts and the donations from merciful hearts, the mission was accomplished, to be ended with prayers and tears of happiness.

In Baghdad, Nasiriyah, Najaf, Samawah and Amarah, all IRAQ Builders team’s branches work for their aim, to draw a smile, to help and achieve a dream of a widow and an orphaned child.

We work for all.. we work for Iraq!

IRAQ Builders

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