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One of our missions is helping orphan children obtain a normal social environment far from deprivation, and challenge the social misconception of them as poor and needy. Part of our efforts to achieve that is through several recreational activities organized by the team. For example, lunch invitations with orphans, where each volunteer brings food from his/her home to share with a group of orphans in the Association’s headquarters. Another activity is organizing recreational trips and drawing contests shared between the volunteers and the orphans.


IRAQ Builders as they committed to preserve the dignity of underprivileged families, they responded actively and rapidly to the disastrous effects of heavy rainstorms which occurred during the winter of 2012 by organizing huge campaign to rescue families with houses flooded by rain water.

Work had gone for 5 days from early morning to late hours at night during rainy cold weather.

Our efforts included evacuation of flooded houses, making small local dams and providing safe shelter for those having severely damaged house.
All the equipment used during this campaign were bought by donations and the work was done by our volunteers.

IRAQ Builders are still helping and ready to help families after any natural disaster, depending on your donations and our volunteers’ efforts!


Repair and maintenance of the homes of families through the effort of volunteers. New roofs were installed for more than 90 houses (until Sep 5th, 2015).

More than 60 in Baghdad

20 in Nassiriyah (375 km south of Baghdad)

1 in Basrah (549 km south of Baghdad)

1 in Najaf (161km south of Baghdad)

2 in Ammara (356 km south of Baghdad)

7 in Samawah (279 km south of Baghdad)

You can check how far these cities from each other and you can imagine the great efforts of the volunteers who carried this project to other distant places! Check out the map in here!

IB Team is representing Iraq in the
“The Other Hundred” Photo-Book

A Huge Achievement and Recognition for Iraq Builders

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