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Who We Are

IRAQ Builders is a group of doctors, pharmacists, engineers, workers, businessmen and many other people from Iraqi society standing together with the forgotten and neglected poor families against poverty and the severity of life. staff_blueThe Beginning

Iraq Builders started in December 2012 , out of a conversation Elaf Mohammed had with friend Zaid Zahed Hussein. The two wondered: could they use Facebook to coordinate volunteer projects around Baghdad? They posted a status update asking people to join them the next day to serve meals and distribute prsents at a local school. 123 people offered to volunteer. From there, the group started posting open calls for actions around the city, usually aimed at helping widows, orphans and families in need. The group has grown steadily.

The First Step

IRAQ Builders is a voluntary team which was founded after the rainstorm of winter 2012 when many roofs of poor families’ houses were collapsed. The team decided to stand together by this part of the community against life severity and the poverty itself. The first mission of the team was to rebuild a roof of poor family house contains a widow and her seven orphans. The family was so poor that they couldn’t afford one meal a day. Mission No.1 was successfully accomplished, and since then, the volunteers of the team decided to do their best for helping those who are in need to build brighter future for them and our country. Surf around our website to find out more about the team!

IB Team is representing Iraq in the
“The Other Hundred” Photo-Book

A Huge Achievement and Recognition for Iraq Builders

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