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Displacement towards the unknown and migration towards the foreignness

After all the days of pain and sorrow that our Christians fellows have suffer like all other sects because of the cursed terror.
Displacement towards the unknown and migration towards the foreignness
In the land of Mesopotamia.
In one of our team campaigns in helping displaced families, we received a message to aid 80 Christians families that have been displaced from Al-Musil province.
Tasted the bitterness of pain and sorrow with the difficulties they have face reaching Baghdad where the unknown waiting.
Hey people, imagine that there are 80 families, more than 350 persons, men and women, adults and kids, elders and infants, young boys and girls, all ages.
They all live in a school in Baghdad with very critical conditions.
As you enjoy your warm bed and your beautiful house among the family and the beloved ones, do not forget that our people there,
living outdoors in the open air
Where the merciless coldness and rain hurt the poor children
Donate to them the excess of your needs, winter clothes and heaters.
Join us now
You don’t know when will you face the same situation of being a displaced too.
Let’s think about our people.
You can contact us by phone at the following numbers:

IRAQ Builders

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