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Visiting the christian families displaced from Mosul!

The humanitarian team Iraqi builders set out yesterday to visit the christian families displaced from the province of Mosul and other surrounding areas. Currently living in Baghdad and other areas of Iraq. (80 families, consisting of more than 350 members).
Once we heard their distress call we began our mission to help them and to organise the school located in Baghdad in which they lived in. Their living conditions were rough , the weather was cold , there was no food , no drinking water , and there was no place to sleep in!! They were living in pain and sorrow.
Until we showed up bearing food , supplies and a lot of clothes. In addition we provided blankets, baby formula (=baby milk), and other needs.

And our caring medical team started examining our displaced brothers and sisters to make sure they were healthy. And to also provide the necessary treatments if needed.
Our electrician and logistic team also helped building and maintaining the sanitary facilities and provided drinking water.
For the poor, for the orphans, we will always be there to help.

IRAQ Builders

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