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Volunteers Camp

What is Volunteers Camp?

Volunteers Camp is a new project by IRAQ Builders Team which aims to provide a large database of volunteers living in Iraq, who are ready to offer their efforts as volunteers according to their skills in different fields. The database will be sent to the UN and any registered volunteers could be chosen by the UN as needed. Additionally, other organizations could request any number of volunteers for a specific event/activity.

Who Can Join?

Anyone who’s ready to offer volunteer work can join the IRAQ Builders’ Volunteers Camp, there are no restrictions.

Who Can Request Volunteers?

Non-profit, non-governmental organizations can request a number of volunteers for a specific activity of their own. IRAQ Builders will contact the members of the Volunteers Camp and as soon as they get confirmation from them, the organization will be given the contact info of the Volunteers.

Sign up Now!

Kindly fill the form below to join the Volunteers Camp. Your contact info will not be published on the website and will only be given to the organizations that request volunteers, after taking your permission. If you have previously submitted your info before, there’s no need to sign up again. If you have more questions, please contact us.

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