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“Buy Your Health” Campaign at Al-Nakheel Mall

The medical team of IRAQ Builders has launched a charitable medical campaign in Al-Nakheel Mall.


The campaign includes the following:
1. Measuring the weight and height and providing guidance about the harmful effects of obesity and ideal weight.
2. Measuring blood sugar and providing guidance for people with high readings.
3. Blood pressure measuring and providing guidance on how to maintain the normal pressure level.
4. Providing the participant with a healthy application which enables him/her to use it in the future.


The cost of this medical service is only 5,000 IQD which is provided by the participant as a donation for medical team that helps a lot of the poor and orphans patients.
The goal of this campaign is to support the medical activities financially by offering this service in Al Mansour and Al-Nakheel Malls.health-campaign-iraq-builders9
Our thanks and appreciation to Al-Nakheel Mall management for the opportunity and thanks to the medical staff who participated with us.

IRAQ Builders

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