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The Australian Embassy in Iraq is funding much needed renovations of homes in Nasiriyah

The Australian Embassy in Iraq, through Direct Aid Program (DAP), is funding much needed renovations of homes in Nasiriyah. IRAQ Builders, in the partnership and funding of the Australian Embassy in Iraq, is working on the renovations of homes of vulnerable families and building shopfronts so each family can run a business from home. By this partnership and support of the Australian Embassy in Iraq, families will be able to generate an income and re-build their lives.

Supporting and Encouraging Education

in celebration of the success of the students of (Must get 10/10) campaign, the team hosted a Ramadan festival in Tarboosh restaurant – Mansoor city, the beautiful kids were overwhelmed with joy as they felt that their efforts were appreciated and they were motivated to keep succeeding and accomplishing more and more. our team in Nassirya has also reworded two great students with two Tablet devices they have always wished to own but due to their difficult financial situation they were not able to, we wish them all the success in their educational journey. Maab

Ramadan Kareem with Iraq builders

In the spirit of Ramadan and the rising heat wave Iraq builders team continuous to delivers food baskets and AC split units to families in need in Mahmoodya, Sulaimanya, Nassirya and Babil (Muhandeseen,st. 80 and Bakrly). the team has also conducted other activities like hosting a banquet for the children in Sha’ab neighborhood in cooperation with the administration of “Burger joint” restaurant, it included an educational session about understanding the importance of volunteer work. Maab

Dijeel & Balad mission

A displaced family who had no home or a shelter but the shades of a tree in the town of Balad, All thanks and gratitude to Ali Altimimy’s -a member of Iraq builders- for opening a new Caravan that the team purchased for this family, despite the curfew of the elections this volunteer hero also helped distributing the Air-conditioning split units to families in need in Dijeel. Maab

Mission 193 – Nassiria

the cruel sun didn’t stop Iraq builders team from performing their duty towards humanity, Abo Hassan a father of seven kids with a disability and no financial support, him and his family can finally sleep in a safe home that was built for them from the ground up.

Iraq builders continues to deliver Air-conditioning split units giveaway to the families in need, in Babil and Najaf thanks to Fresh Co. for this generous initiative.. Maab

Mission 190 – Babil

Abo Ali, a poor ill man who lives in the township of Jibela – Babil along with his family in a semi-torn down house and a roof made of wicker that provides no protection whatsoever from rain and cold weather.. Thanks to your donations and the great efforts of the team, Abo Ali finally has a safe roof over his head thank you for putting a smile on little Ali’s face and alleviating the Arthritis pain of Abo Ali.

Mission 187 Nasria

Om Khadhim is responsible for 9 orphans, and 3 of her family have disability due to atrophy in the brain, Iraq builder’s team has finished the roofing, reconstruction and electrical foundation of the entire house. Maab تسعة ايتام بين ام كاظم وعائلة ولدها … ثلاثة من افراد عائلتها مصابين بضمور في خلايا الدماغ كان لفريق #بناة_العراق وقفه في تسقيف البيت بالكامل وترميمه وتأسيس الكهربائيات المكان /الناصرية حي التضحية

Mission 189 – Nasria

No sand storm can Dishearten our team in their fight for good and humanity.. Thanks to Iraq Builders , Om Zahraa, and her 3 orphanages will now have a safe roof over their heads. Our journey contentious… Maab

Nahrawan Mission – Air-conditioning Giveaway

Due to our feeling of responsibility towards the families in need, and since this summer decided to come early this year, Iraq Builders team has gave away 15 Air-conditioning devices (split units) in the generous juster from Fresh company for electrical devices. Maab احساسا بالمسؤليه اتجاه عوائلنا المتعففة في منطقة النهروان وبسبب قدوم الصيف مبكرا هذا العام قام فريق بناة العراق بتوزيع 15-سبلت تبرع من شركه فريش للكهربائيات شكرا لشركة فريش

Misan Mission – Air-conditioning Units Giveaway

with the beautiful cooperation from a group of activities and the organization of Doctors without Wages, 20 air-conditioning units (2 ton unit) were given away to 20 underprivileged families in Misan, During our team’s journey to vanquish poverty and support the Iraqi human in the pursuit of a better life. #Maab بمشاركة جميلة مع مجموعة من ناشطين شباب العمارة و منظمة اطباء بلا اجور تم توزيع مجموعة من سبالت (٢طن) واطئة الامبيرية على العوائل الفقيرة في محافظة ميسان ضمن رحلة فريق بُناة العراق للقضاء على الفقر و دعم الانسان العراقي ليعيش حياة كريمة .. و قد عاد فريق بُناة العراق […]

Mission 186 in Baghdad was “accomplished”

Our heroes of Iraq builders have accomplished their 186 mission from their journey of fighting poverty and deprivation by rehabilitating and reconstruction the home of a handicapped mother of two kids, who has no provider or financial support. You make the difference.

Battling Hunger in Babylon

Time: 02:30 PM Temperature: 46 °C During a fasting day in Ramadan! Above circumstances are almost impossible for normal people, but IRAQ Builders’ Volunteers in Babylon made it possible. They were honorably serving the poor & orphan people in their city by distributing 45 food baskets (15 items each) in different districts in the governorate. Motivating themselves by heroic words: “come on, guys! poor people are always hungry, we should bear it today to help them”. They’ve completed their task successfully winning a great prize; the prayers of the people whom they served. Translated by M Ibrahim Haboubi.

Charity Market at the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq

IRAQ Builders team is holding a charity market at the UN compound in Baghdad. The market started in Jun 6th and lasting till Jun 8th, 2016. We would like to thank UNAMI for giving us the chance to help orphans and poor people in Iraq, and we appreciate our friends’ support at the UN compound today and yesterday. For those who weren’t able to support us yesterday and today, we’ll be there tomorrow as well! IRAQ Builders, Help and Support!