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IRAQ Builders Booth, From a Simple Proposal to a Big Achievement

By Leen Alqudsi.

One day a volunteer suggested to collect things people don’t need and make a charity market and sell them so the profits then go to fund the team’s projects. The idea has been improved, the volunteers themselves decided to produce the handmade works which include the accessories, printing and drawing on glass and cloth, crochet, and paintings to sell all such products in charity markets which were held in many restaurants, social clubs, universities and even abroad. Till now 37 charity markets were held in many different places and continued. After all this success the idea got wider and it was decided to open a booth in one of the new malls to be “IRAQ Builders Booth”.


It’s all about volition and insistence, that all what you need to achieve your goals and make the dreams come true.

You are invited to visit us in “IRAQ Builders Booth” in Al-Nakheel Mall, Zayouna, Baghdad.


All the profits go to orphans and poor families.

IRAQ Builders

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