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Christmas Spirits

Those who scrupulously scrutinize the life and teachings of the Christ, will observe that he is the ultimate manifestation and text-book definition of love, mercy, compassion, altruism, and sacrifice for others.
Those successive gestures of care, acts of tenderness, and touches of hope that volunteers around the globe share are, inarguably, the most evident testimony to the goodness the human spirit is capable to possess!
It is mentioned in on of the traditions that God once said:
“Among all things I have created, nothing encompasses My Love like the human heart!”
Hence, it is not shockingly surprising to see individuals dedicate their free time, efforts, talents, and money for the sake of those underprivileged ones.
In America, for instance, I know a very dear friend of mine with his dedicated friends are buying toys and gifts and some Santa costumes to wear so they could surprise the dying children inflicted with cancer at the Michigan Children’s Hospital and draw a tint of hope and a smile on their cheeks.
In Palestine’s ruined Strip of Gaza, we see a group of young volunteers distributing Christmas gifts to the those underserved and orphaned children.
In Iraq, the land of odds and wonders!


A land where life and death are constantly and violently wrestling and battling to defeat one another–we see multiple campaigns getting inspired from the Christmas spirit and perform miracles of goodness to the maximum!
In Iraq’s North ISIS-afflicted areas, where tents and camps of displaced families are spread, we see the joy of the holidays, the spirituality of the holy masses and prayers, the spirit of the Christ are all strongly present there and shadowing their lives, where groups of young men and women dispersing toys and gifts for 2,000 children!


In Baghdad, we see the dedicated team of the IRAQ Builders are restlessly and relentlessly conducting magnanimous efforts to ameliorate those devastated families’ sufferings and pain.
What even makes it more bizarre is that they are working simultaneously on several projects all at the same time serving those families!
Those consecutive and picturesque images of altruism, heroism, and magnanimity are what distinguish human beings and transcend them beyond the level of angels!
Merry Christmas, Everyone!
-Mehmed Yaqubi
volunteer at IRAQ BUILDERS

IRAQ Builders

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