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Cooperation is What We Need

By M Ibrahim Haboubi.

IB team using the technical talents of their volunteers did reach a lot of people around the world.
Their true efforts in field helping the displaced families from the north were so touching. Day by day, people from outside the country start communications and cooperation with them to help these families. This time it was the (Iraqi-New Zealand Woman Association) which was amused by the team work, and a cooperation took place between the two leading to an outstanding mission by the IB team in Al-Nasiriyah city where the team distributed day-living needs to many families who were displaced from Mosul to Al-Izerej.

The team distributed the following items with proud and hope:
8 refrigerators, 5 stoves, 150 Kg of rice, 4 boxes of cooking oil, 70 blankets, 70 bed mattresses.

Special Thanks and greetings to the Iraqi- New Zealand Woman Association
Special thanks also to the great team volunteers in Al-Nasiriyah.

IRAQ Builders

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