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The Death Crossing

By Leen Alqudsi
It’s the 21st century, age of technology, medicine, education, art, and modern lifestyle advancement that it couldn’t be possible to live without keeping pace with. Who will think or just imagine to leave his house and go to live in a tent away in a desert?!, no one will, but unfortunately there are many thousands people who thought about that and now they are living in tents with their children without a house, a car, clothes, blankets, beds, food, just without nothing. Those families have been displaced because of the bad security situation in there cities, because of ISIS they lost everything and need to the least help that could be given for them.

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Bzebiz, a crossing between Al-Anbar and Baghdad, where more than 40,000 displaced families are living. They escaped from the terrorism and killing to face another bad situation. Absence and delay the humanitarian support led to spreading of diseases and death cases especially the children and the oldsters. We are about to witness a human catastrophe need to be considered from all the concerned.

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On the 23th of May, 75 km away from Baghdad, Iraq Builders team was there,in the “death crossing” as it’s called by High Commissioner for Human Rights. They visited the families, and distributed food baskets for them and toys for the children trying to draw smiles on their tired faces meanwhile the medical team checked many persons and gave them the medical treatment that they needed. The engineering team also designed and installed outside sanitation facilities. With all that, the situation still too bad and need huge united organized humanitarian effort. Iraq Builders are continuing trying to do their best to help and support them.

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Thanks for all the contributors and donors.

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